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🌟 Blank Kittle

Category: MYO Items

★ Obtained from:
Specialty Supplies - Purchased for ✨100 (1 time per user)
Specialty Supplies - Purchased for ✨200
★ Use:
One time use.  Creates an a standard kitbull MYO slot with +1 Mutation.

To turn this item into a useable slot you must select the item in your inventory, check the box next to the copy of the item you wish to use, and then click "use slot". Once the item is turned into a slot it cannot be turned back into an item.

This item can be traded the same as any other item. However, when it is turned into a slot it can no longer be traded until the design is made official. Owning this item will make you ineligible to receive non-owner benefits.
★ Description
A small baby blank kitbull ready to feast on magic and be given endless love!

★ Alternate Item Art:
Blank Kittle by Browbird
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