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🌈 Silky Sweet

Category: ★ Trait Items

Rarity: ★★

Resale Value: 6 ✨ Stargold

 Obtained from:
• Reward from And We Got Older Quest
• Potential drop from Delightful Dinner

★ Use:
One time use. Consumed once design has been updated.
You can use this when making edits to your character through the design edit station.

Allows you to add Uncommon Silky Antennae to a browbird or painted satyr.
-Or- allows you to add the Silky Antennae Mutation to a kitbull.

This trait can only be added through this item.

✦ This trait is counts as an additional trait and does not replace other traits
✦ Each use of the item only adds one set of antennae, to have multiple sets you will need multiple items
✦ This trait can be placed anywhere on the head, such as from the eyebrows, behind the ears, or the top of the head.
✦ You can add one antenna (in the case of the character missing one), or make the pair asymmetrical if you want! 
✦ Silky Antennae are fairly short, their maximum length is slightly longer than the head's height.
✦ This trait can resemble various longer moth antennae that have spaced clustered feathering, or take on a slightly "leafy" appearence, like shown in the examples! 
A delicious treat that can often be seen in the windows of pastry shops in the spring season. The flavor is sweet, but not overly sweet, so it hits a pleasant balance that makes it easy to eat an entire box in one sitting. The butterfly decoration is actually edible as well, and is made of hard sugar that sparkles in the light.

During various spring-related celebrations you will often see people eating these treats alongside cups of freshly made tea.

Uses: Allows you to add the Uncommon Silky Antennae trait to one browbird, kitbull or painted satyr.

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