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🌈 Reflective Beverage

Category: Trait Items

Resale Value: 18 ✨

β˜…Β Rarity: Mythic
β˜…Β Obtained from:
β€’ πŸŽƒ Autumn 2021 Crafting

β˜…Β Use:
One time use. Consumed once design has been updated.
You can use this when making edits to your character through theΒ salon.
Can only be used on browbirds.

Allows you to add mythic Reflective Accents to a browbird.
Please see trait information linked for more in depth details and examples!
Trait: Adds accents or small markings that are reflective to a single browbird.
Size: Small area and accents only. Can cover up to 15% of the design maximum.Β 
β˜…Β Description:Β 

Uses: Allows you to add the Reflective Accents trait to one Browbird.

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