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🌈 Moss Cake

Rarity: ★★

Resale Value: 4 ✨ Stargold

★ Obtained from:
• ❄️ Winter Event Merchant - Purchased for ✨25
• Reward from Frostfall 2019
• Potential drop from Delightful Dinner
• Winter Crafting
One time use. Consumed once design has been updated.
You can use this when making edits to your character through the design edit station.
Can only be used on painted satyr.

Allows you to add Uncommon Moss Flora to a painted satyr.

✦ Short, fuzzy moss will grow on the satyrs fur, grow in their hair, hang from their horns, or hang from their tail.
✦ Moss should not fully obstruct horns, tail, or any patch areas.
✦ It shouldn't be so long that it is mistaken for another trait.
✦ Fur and hair cannot be entirely made of moss.
✦ Moss can be any color, though shades of green is what is seen most often. 

This trait will be sold specifically each winter, but it can be gained through normal use of an Uncommon Trait Potion.

A delicious dessert made during the winter seasons. It's made with soft sponge cake, sweet cream, and fresh strawberries. It's often decorated with small candies, candles, leaves, and whipped cream. Each store has their own signature way of deocrating it and there are event contests held to see who can make the most over the top, beautiful, and delicious Moss Cakes. 

This particular slice is one from the Castella Cafe, a popular place in Snowstar Village.

The "moss" on the cake is perfectly delicious and edible.

Uses: Allows you to add the Uncommon Moss Flora trait to a painted satyr.


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