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🌈 Giant Snowflake

Category: Trait Items

Rarity: ★★

★ Obtained from:
• ❄️ Winter Event Merchant - Purchased for ✨25
• Reward from Frostfall 2017
• Reward from Frostfall 2019
Formerly added snowfall crest particles. Has no use... For now.
This item will be repurposed in a future update. 
When the particle trait update rolls out this item will have the option to be traded in!
★ Description
This big snowflake is actually a type of cookie carefully prepared by a skilled user of frost magic. It's imbued with a slight bit of magic to keep it from melting quickly, so it should stay nice and crunchy even in the heat of summer! The taste and texture is a lot like ice actually, but better.

For some reason, these are still really popular even in winter months and you may even see people walking around enjoying some as snow falls. There's just people out there who just can't resist the cold crunch!

Uses: No use. Simply a large snowflake.

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