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🌈 Everglowing Potion

Category: ★ Trait Items

Rarity: ★★★★

Resale Value: 18 ✨ Stargold

★ Obtained from:
• 🎃 2019 Fall Event Merchant - Purchased for ✨120 
★ Use:
Can be used on browbirds or painted satyr.
One time use. Consumed once design is updated. 
You must go through the design change station to make the updated trait official. 

Grants one browbird or painted satyr the "Everglowing Eyes" mythic trait. 
This causes the character's eyes to glow brightly at all times. The glow can be in one eye, or both. If the character already has heterochromia, the glow can be two different colors.

★ Description
A odd-shaped bottle filled with a brightly glowing translucent liquid. You can see a vague eye shape within that is frozen at the bottle's center. When you touch the glass, you feel a strange tingling sensation from the energy radiating off of it.

Those who drink this will feel extremely hyperactive for several hours afterwards. 

 Alternate Item Art:
Everglowing Potion by Browbird

Uses: Grants one browbird or painted satyr the Mythic Everglowing Eyes trait.


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