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🌈 Hemlock Spawn

Category: Trait Items

Notice: This item is not officially available ingame yet!

 Obtained from:
Galstrod's Goods

One Time Use

Applies one halv trait to a halv browbird.
This item does not turn your browbird into a halv. It only applies a single halv trait to an existing halv browbird.

✦ Info:
✅ Can be applied to an existing halv character or halv MYO during the creation process.
❌ Each use of the item only applies one halv trait
❌ This item does not change your browbird into a halv
A being of pure chaos born from a vast nothingness. 

Uses: Applies one halv trait to a halv browbird.



Galstrod's Goods

Purchaseable At:

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