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⚗️ Moon Cheese

Category: Crafting Material

Rarity: ★★

Resale Value: 4 ✨

★ Obtained from:
• Crafting Supply Crate
• Gilded Gacha
• Possible drop from the 2020 Forture of Harara Event

★ Use:
Used to craft certain recipes.
★ Description: 

Some may discount something as large as a moon being made entirely of a cheese, but it turns out there was always some truth to this myth! There are occasionally small moons discovered that are entirely made of cheese, with a hard frozen cheese exterior that softens the deeper you go. Delicious cheeses are mined from the perfect layer and can now be bought in a market neat you.

Moon cheese takes flavor like no other, adding rich creaminess to deserts, and distinct saltiness to savory feasts. Slices crown sandwiches, melted it serves as dip, and shredded it tops it's most well known dish that easily catches your eye: moon pizza pie. 

Uses: Used to craft certain recipes.

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