Item Categories

★ Mutations & Peculiars

★ These items can be used to add or replace traits on kitbulls AND as special rare crafting materials. 

Kitbulls are highly susceptible to magic and their bodies change in response to these exceptionally strange items. All these items are one time use and the item will be used up when a character design has been updated with the new/altered trait.

Because these items are drenched in magical energy, they are also used in certain crafting recipes. Often times the entire object is a core component due to what it contains or it's potent aura. Either way, the item is always used up in the recipe being turned into something new or utterly drained of all magical use. When crafting, mutation and peculiars items are one time use.

Most mutations and peculiars can be obtained via the general shop, but a few are exclusive to events.


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