✨ Stargold

✨ Stargold (✨)

Displays as: 0 ✨ Stargold
Held by: Users
Stargold is the main currency of Celestial Seas!

★ To spend your stargold, you can try

  • Market Street - To find general trait items, trinkets, and clothing
  • Specialty Supplies - For purchasing MYO Slots and design change items
  • Event Merchant - When an event is going on, there will be event items for sale!
  • Buying Celestial Seas items and Celestial Seas artwork or designs from other users

★ To earn stargold, you can try:

  • +10✨ Free Stargold from the Welcome Gift you get for signing up!
  • +5✨ for submitting gift art to The Wisher's Well each week
  • +5✨ base stargold each time you do a quest or event story prompt! You get even more for submitting larger pieces!
  • +1✨ or more as possible rewards from certain boxes
  • +1✨ or more can be found when using certain trinkets on prompts
  • +1✨ or more can be earned when completing prompts if you have certain apparel items
  • +1✨ or more can be earned as a bonus when certain event requirements are met
  • Sometimes more free gifts are given out during events! These often have free stargold.
  • You earn small amounts of stargold over time by chatting in the discord
  • You can trade items, companions, Celestial Seas characters, or Celestial Seas artwork with other users to obtain it.

★ About Stargold

Stargold is a universal currency used all across the celestial seas. It is small, shimmers in the light, and is cut in the shape of a diamond star embossed with a symbol representing where in the universe it was minted. The most common symbol is Centuary's crest, called the "Anaroc".

Stargold coins can only be crafted by students of the forge god. And while there are many who still try to create fake coins, it's exceedingly rare that you'd ever find someone able to make convincing forgeries, which is good news for most!

It is quite valuable, as raw stargold can only be harvested from golden sugar comets, or planets with orbiting sugar rings. Why are they called "sugar comets" you might ask? It turns out they're made of an extremely sweet substance that's popular as an alternative to sugar! It's golden, and naturally has a chalky texture when pulled from comets, and would be very similar to eating a large smarties or sweet tart (without the tart!). However, it has no nutritional value and eating too much can sometimes make people feel ill so it's not recommended as a sugar substitute. Who eats money anyway?

It's also pretty common these days for most folks living in the Celestial Seas to carry cards that quickly taps into their stargold bank stores when they make a purchase! This way you don't have to lug around all your money everywhere you go. Stargold coins are quite small but a large amount of them can definitely add up weight-wise, so this alternative is quite Convenient!

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