31 May 2020 (3 years ago)

Call me Gray

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140 💎 Celestial Shard
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What Avatar

Hello!! Your fanart of Sollus for the weekly fountain made me smile so much, may I upload it to his Toyhouse page with credit? Thank you so much btw :^D I love the way you use the binary tool...

2023-06-07 21:06:00

Immonia Avatar

Omg i missed this! Absolutely feel fee to upload it!
Haha I love a good binary tool XD

2023-06-12 11:52:07

Space-Nexus Avatar

Happy Holidays Gray!!!!
Here is your exchange piece <3 Thank you for being so awesome always!

2023-01-05 00:02:13

Immonia Avatar

hhhh thank you Nexus! Gotta love the inclusion of fireworks XD My boy looks awesome!

2023-01-05 08:56:09

RomiAlan Avatar

I made some Autumn Gift art for your really awesome Blinn ! I hope you enjoy it C:

2021-11-03 21:19:43

Immonia Avatar

Ahh this looks so good! Thank you!

2021-11-04 09:58:36

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