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☀️ FoH Event P2: Relay

☀️ FoH Event P2: Relay

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[✨💎☀️🌈] ★ EVENT PROMPT || Soar across the city skies in the sol roc relay ★

Sol Roc Relay by Browbird

★ About

Races performed while riding a sol roc are commonplace in Harara, and the largest of these races are held at this time each year. Many local Hararans train for many years to build a bond with their sol roc and work hard in preparation for the relay and there are many families and guilds who pride themself on their sol roc accomplishments, and rivalries are commonplace. 

However, anyone is allowed to participate this year! The king himself has opened his stables to allow newcomers the chance to ride one of his many sol rocs for those who may not have one. 

Sol rocs are massive, intelligent birds that are often used as traveling mounts by many people in Harara. There are two types, one being the more grounded species that is used as a work animal, and the other more sleek and popular for flying and as pets. They come in many colorations and can have any sort of pattern you could imagine. There are many who will seek out a sol roc that matches their personal aesthetic! 

Sol Roc Design by Browbird

High above the city in the ancient forest tower, racers sit upon their chosen mount waiting on stone launch pads placed just within the building with large archways leading out into the sky. A crowd of people who were lucky enough to have claimed spots so close to the start of the race eagerly await the sound of fireworks, a sure signal that the race has has begun.

★ Prompt

Draw or write about your character riding on the back of a Sol Roc and participating in the race.
What happens while they're racing? Do they win this round with their skill and experience, or do they find themself fumbling, unfamiliar with riding a flying beast.


Relay Map by Browbird
✦ The sol roc relay is a team-based event with three members and three sol rocs to each team and many teams flying all at once! The race is split up into three section with one racer on each team completing each part, it's recommended you volunteer for the section your sol roc is best at. At each flagged spot the rider will be expected to hand off a flag to their waiting team member. 

Speed --> The shortest part of the race. Who can fly launch from the starting place within the forest tower and reach the next pass the fastest? Soar with blinding speed over the forest, beach, and ocean! This part ends when the rider passes their banner while airborne above the lone submerged pyramid. A ring of magical light suspended in the air marks the general area where the pass takes place.

Endurance --> The longest part of the race. A scenic route over the forests and river on the outskirts of Harara. The rider and sol roc have to make it all the way around the outer wall and curve back into the city where they'll  then head towards the densest part of the city to pass off the banner to a waiting team member at the top of the port spire.

Skill --> A moderate length section. The rider will be swerving through rings dotted around an obstacle course of dense city streets packed with buildings, star ships, and flying vehicles. Sharp turns, sudden stops, and precision are needed to make it through without issue.

The race is finished when the final racer reaches the goal, a large platform on the top of the forest tower.
✦ Fans of the race are dotted around, from the starting area, to the beaches, to the city walls, and finally there are many audience members cheering from the finish line!

Showing all the sections of this race is optional, but if you do they must be included in a single prompt submission. You are able to draw your or write about character flying on their sol roc in just one part of the race, but we do encourage users to go all out and create comic entries and long written works describing all three sections with three different characters and three different sol rocs!
How does your character fare in the race?

★ Species

Browbirds, Kitbulls, Painted Satyr

★ Info

✦ Your entry can be written or visual art
✦ Entry submitted must be by you
✦ You use your own characters and/or the characters of other users! You are also able to create entries that are entirely gift art. Make sure you have permission to use a character in your entry. You can find characters open to gift art here.
✦ Items obtained from the quest are not bound to you and do not have to be used on the character you completed the quest with.
All stargold bonuses can apply! You can find all stargold bonuses here.

Extra allowance: For this prompt the comic requirements will allow for a wider range of character focus to accomodate each leg of the race.

★ Minimum Requirements

For visual art submissions:
Must be full color
Must show at least 50% of the focus character
Must clearly follow the prompt given
Must have a minimal background
For written submissions:
Must be at least 800 words
Must clearly follow the prompt given

★ Restrictions

✦ You must complete part 1 before you can do this prompt.

✦ This prompt only be completed once per person. You are still able to complete the other two games from part 2 if you complete this prompt.

✦ For an entry to count for gift art bonuses it must only include characters belonging to other users. If you use a companion, it must be your companion and will still allow the entry to be considered gift art.

✦ For a companion, item, or trinket to count it must be clearly shown in the entry.
For written entries you do not have to mention it and can simply include it on your entry form.
You may use up to 1 companion, 1 apparel item, and 1 trinket on a single entry. Multiple items of the same type are not allowed on a single entry.

Browlets cannot participate without an approved adult form.

✦ Please do not include unofficial characters in your entry.

✦ Please do not trace, heavily reference, or plagiarize another person's work.

Special Requirement:
For this prompt your character must be riding a sol roc. You are allowed to design your own 'unofficial' sol roc design for this prompt. You are free to include a saddle and other accessories on the mount. Extra features (such as additional horns, extra wings, extra tails, ect) are not allowed, you must follow the design of the creature.
You are allowed a +3sg mount bonus if the mount is in view, please include it when adding your bonuses. Be aware that this does not stack with the normal companion bonus. 

If you obtain the means later, you are allowed to make your sol roc design used in this prompt official!

★ Submission Form

★ Faction: Which faction are you choosing? (Sun, Eclipse, or Eyes)

★ Part 1 Entry: Link your entry to part 1

★ Stargold Bonuses:
+ List out all bonuses that apply to your entry
+ Include any items you use and companion if you have one
Be sure to use the "add rewards" and "add characters" options to account for all stargold bonuses you earn and all your characters and companions. You do NOT have to include the base rewards! They are automatically included.

You will gain faction points equal to your total stargold earned!


  • ★ REWARDS ★

    Please check the payout guide to see if any bonuses apply to your entry!
    Please include all your bonuses when submitting an entry.
    Do not apply the base rewards yourself, they will be automatically added to the entry!


    +5✨ Stargold (base)
    +1💎 Celestial Shard
    +1☀️ Gacha Token


    Completing this prompt gets you...
    Your choice between 1 King Sorbet and 1 Floral Ice Cream
    Please add your item choice to your rewards when submitting!


    Bonus Reward

    If you earn 90 or more stargold as a combined total from all your part 2 prompt submissions combined, you will be able to claim a Gilded Egg as a bonus prize. 

    Gilded Egg by Browbird

    When you meet the requirements please send in a claim.
    Write "Sol Roc Challenge" in the URL space and include a link to your part 2 prompt submissions that add up to the 90 total in the comments section.

    You can find the links to your submissions HERE when clicking the "details" button on the right side.

    Possible Drops

    Each entry has a chance to drop up to 1 of the following
    Item drops are random!

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Written by Katy + Corrin
Art by Corrin


Reward Amount
✨ Stargold 5
💎 Celestial Shard 1
☀️ Gilded Token 1
Competition Loot 1
This prompt has ended.
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