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💗 Time Together 💗

💗 Time Together 💗

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[✨💎🏆🎟️] You've got a big date tonight...



★ About

No matter who you are, chances are that there is someone out there in the Seas that is important to you. Maybe they’re your best friend, the person who’s been with you through thick and thin all these years. Maybe they’re a prodigious rival who challenges you at every step, yet you know you can’t live without them! Maybe there’s a special someone you’ve been working up the courage to ask out for ages, but can never quite manage.

Whoever they are, and whatever their connection to you, the time to show your appreciation is now! Love and loathing are in the air, and with them a chance to show how much you care. It’s the perfect time for grand romantic gestures, cinematic battles, or checking in on a friend with a pint of ice cream in hand.

★ Prompt

Draw or write about your character preparing for a date or get together with someone they care about. Or... Maybe they aren't prepared and something unexpected is about to happen!

Big cheesy gestures don’t set themselves up! It's time to prepare for a night out with their friend(s), rival(s), or significant other(s). For friends and family they can simply go out for a good time! But if it's a proper date with a crush or partner are they the nervous sort? Do they need a wingman hyping them up the whole time, maybe for a big confession? Do they dress up nicely? Do they cook something special, or maybe go out to a fancy restaurant? Maybe they need to scope out a location for a spar that's definitely not romantically coded, and they want everything to be picture perfect — or maybe they’re more laid back, and don’t mind a few holes in their plans… or their windows.
✦ If your character is a loner type, consider what type of person might get them out of their shell! Maybe others are plotting a surprise around them and they’re totally oblivious. Maybe they are simply spending time alone when someone unexpected shows up!

✦ This prompt is about PREPARING for the "date", not the date itself! PART 2 is about how the date goes, so only focus on the pre-date part for this prompt!

What does your character do?

★ Allowed Species

BrowbirdPainted SatyrKitbullNo BrowletNo Companion-only

★ Info

✦ Submissions must be created by you - no commissions, collabs, bases, or traced images.
✦ Can be completed as gift art. Look here for characters open for gifts!
All stargold bonuses can apply! You can find all stargold bonuses here.

★ Minimum Requirements

✦For visual art submissions:
Must be full color
Must show at least 50% of the focus character
Must clearly follow the prompt given
No background required
✦ For written submissions:
Must be at least 800 words
Must clearly follow the prompt given

★ Restrictions

✦ Can be completed once per user!

✦ For an entry to count as gift art it must only include characters belonging to other users.

✦ For a companion or items to count it must belong to you and be clearly shown in the entry. For written entries you must clearly mention the companion and describe items being used or worn.

✦ You may use up to 1 companion, 1 adult mount, 1 apparel item, and 1 trinket on a single entry.

★ Submission Form

★ Stargold Bonuses:
+ List out all bonuses that apply to your entry
+ List any items and companions used
Include this in the comments of your submission. Be sure to check off all bonuses your entry counts for. Use the "add characters" option to tag all characters and companions featured in your entry.

We will send back your entry if there are any issues!
  • ★ REWARDS ★

    Do not apply these base rewards yourself, they will be automatically added to the entry!
    5 Stargold
    Can be spent at the shops!
    2 Celestial Shards Can be spent at Galstrod's Goods!
    Shining Heart Badge Achievement!
    +1 Ticket into the Valentines Raffles

Written by Hope
Artwork by Corrin
Characters in banner:


Reward Amount
✨ Stargold 5
💎 Celestial Shard 2
🏆 Shining Heart 1
💗 [AIRCORN] COMPANION-288 (Raffle Ticket) 1
💗 [AIRCORN] COMPANION-289 (Raffle Ticket) 1
x1 💠[BANDS OF BOND] Trinket (Raffle Ticket) 1


💗 Time Together [PART 2] 💗
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