Summer Event Conclusion!

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Sparkle by BrowbirdEvent Over!

Sun1 by BrowbirdEclipse1 by BrowbirdEyes1 by Browbird

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!
This was the largest event we've ever held both in terms of work and participation, and it's the first event since the site launch. We've learned a lot from hosting this event and hope to make many more in the coming months as we adjust the formula and make new updates to the guidelines. 

All event prompts and event side quests are now permanently closed for new submissions.

You can read the event story conclusion here:

Event Story Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Harara!

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Sparkle by BrowbirdFaction Points


Together, 75 participants managed to amass 8652 points!

The winning faction is Eclipse!

Eclipse2 by BrowbirdEclipse earned 4574 points
Eyes2 by BrowbirdEyes earned 2808 points
Sun2 by BrowbirdSun earned 1270 points


Top 10 event Contributors:

(There are no bonuses for being on the leaderboard, it's just for fun!)

Points Earned





















8 257 saivalkae
9 247 Space-Nexus
10 234 ShyMagpie
Those who finished the event will be able to claim the following:

+5✨ Stargold
+1 Shimmerweave Silk
+1 Ardent Ash
+1 Solar Globe
+5 Celestial Shards
+1 Angel's Heart
+1 Bottle of Scale Brew
+3  Gacha Tokens
+1 Event Trait of your choice

> Go here to claim rewards! <

Reward claiming will only be opened for a limited time. Check the post for details on how to be given your rewards!

Sparkle by Browbird114-image.pngSparkle by Browbird

Winning Faction Bonus

Those who are part of the winning faction will also receive +1 Eclipse Insignia regardless of if they finished! It will be granted to your account shortly after this news post goes live, no claims necessary! Check your inventory, if you don't see the item but were in the faction be sure to let us know!

This special item can apply the Summer Bonus Perk to a single character.

The winning faction determined the item's permanent look!


Free Event Raffles by Browbird
Those who participated in part 3 were also eligible to enter the final event raffle if they chose to!
The following will be raffled off in this order:
1. Abyss Pearl Astrean Browbird Design
2. Celestial Ticket
3. Hylos Relic 
4. Mythic Trait Potion 
5. Gilded Egg
6. Gilded Egg
7. Gilded Egg
8. Gilded Egg
9. Gilded Egg
You can see all raffle entrants and winners HERE!
Winners will be displayed in a numbered order when drawn a few moments after this news post goes live, your number will correspond to the prize you get. If you are drawn the prize will be distributed to your account shortly afterwards.
Please remember that raffled designs and MYO slots cannot be sold or traded, only gifted. All other items obtained from this raffle function as normal items and are not soulbound. 
Each person can only win ONE TIME and cannot be drawn for multiple prizes from the same raffle. 

Sparkle by BrowbirdCrafting & Event Merchant

Summer Seasonal Items:

These will be leaving the event merchant soon, but may return next year!

Special Event Items:

These are leaving for now, but are not completely retired. They may return and be released in small quantities, or will have far more difficult methods of obtaining them. This is not guaranteed however! 


Retiring Items:
These items will be permanently retired and no longer obtainable through any means. You will still be able to trade them with other users!



What about tokens?


If you do not spend all your gacha tokens by the end of the event, fret not!  You will keep your tokens you have earned. They will be used again for future gacha releases in other events. Not every event will have a gacha... But the ones that do will always use the same tokens!


Summer Seasonal Crafting is leaving!

The seasonal crafting recipes added for the summer event will be leaving very soon! The event trait items will not be returned, and it's too soon to say if the others will be back... Be sure to submit your crafting requests before the time at the bottom of this post or you'll miss out! As long as they're time stamped before that date they will be able to be approved!


Eclipse Insignia


This special item can now be purchased for a limited time at the event merchant for 10💎 Celestial Shards.


All limited time seasonal crafting and event merchant items will be leaving for the year on September 14th at 11:59 PM EDT.

And as an extra message...

Please check out our credits page and if you're able please consider showing your support to the team who makes this website and the events possible!  We've updated it to include more links to our team's online galleries, commissions, or donation links. Everyone involved with official writing, visual/drawn assets, website costs, and website moderation are doing these things for free as volunteer contributions so any amount of support is a huge help and the website moderates deserve it!

Thank you everyone for participating in our event and being so kind even through the bumps along the way we massively appreciate it and hope to keep creating new things for everyone to do! 

See ya next time!

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