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Sparkle by BrowbirdGeneral Update

Many areas of the site are currently having their text and information updated to reflect how we currently handle traits and submissions. Certain information may be out of date since it was pasted over from the previous website and Deviantart and to reflect this we are adding a disclaimer into the descriptions of some traits and items! As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience outdated information may have caused!

The event deadline has also been pushed back to September 7th due to the part 3 release delay. Be sure to get your entries in before then! All parts of the event will we closing that day. If you missed the part 3 update be sure to check out the Event Hub to read the new story part and check out the prompts! 

Sparkle by BrowbirdTrait changes

Several traits have been changed earlier this year and after the website move. This goes over all changes so that everyone can be aware!

We are still in the process of getting every trait up to date with new visual references if needed. Thank you for the patience as the species are worked on!


  • "Size" was added to  the description of most traits. This indicates how large a trait is OR how much area it can cover on a design. For many traits the size was implied or very rough before, so all of these can be considered a new addition.

  • Some traits have been merged into a single trait if they were fairly similar in appearance. 

  • What are the symbols next to some traits?
    Symbols do not mean a trait has been changed, it is simply a visual addition to distiguish trait types easier due to how crowded trait listings can be. 
    No emoji = Regular trait. These are basic things like tails, horns, crests, ect. Required traits usually.
    ➕ (Plus) = Denotes a stackable trait that can be added for free if the requirements are met. An example would be crest effects. If you have a rare crest, you can add a rare effect for free. 
    ⚡ (Bolt) = Denotes an addon trait. An example would be star markings or horn carvings. These traits will all be available through items eventually!
    💫(Swirl Stars) = Crest-specific. Denotes x2, x3, or x4 crest. 

General Condensing

  • The following have been condensed into 1 trait corresponding to rarity rather than each style being its own trait. They all generally work the same, this just saves on space and makes it easier to look through trait lists.
    • Browbird horns
    • Browbird tails
    • Patch Placements

  • The following have been condensed purely for organization, but still keep their separate traits and cannot be freely changed between, just like before. Please note the specific trait in the little "note" section when adding it to a design.
    • Satyr masks
    • Browbird Crest Effects
    • Browbird Crests

  • The following traits have been merged due to similarities but ultimately work the same as the sum of their parts.
    • King Feathers (Browbird) || King Feathers + Saxony Feathers 
    • Short Head Feathers (Browbird) || Short Face Feathers + Multifeather + Moth Feathers + Short Sleek Feathers
    • Mismatched Eyes || Heterochromia + Mismatched
    • Flashy Patches (Satyr) || Patterned Patches + Multicolor Patches
    • Odd Patches (Satyr ) || Different Stripes + Elaborate
    • Briarthorn (Satyr) || Patch Spikes + Sharp Branches + Patch Thorns
    • Insect Tail (Halv Browbird) || Venom Tail + Insect Tail
    • Missing Sense || Eyeless + Mouthless (Pre website)
    • Curse of Arachnid (Feyblood Satyr) || Body Eyes + Multiple Limbs + Body Mouths
    • Elemental Fey (Feyblood Satyr) || Most elemental satyr traits
    • Wisps (Mythic) || Wisps + Hanging Lights (pre website)
    • Shattered (Revenant browbird) || Gravity Horns + Shattered Horns + Shattered Body 
    • Royal Horns (Ancient browbird)) || All ancient horns into 1 category!

  • Feyblood satyrs are not divided on type anymore, it's all a single feyblood type-- there's just LORE behind fairy/hollow/hybrids. So as long as you're a feyblood you can pick any trait from the list. (Right before the website)

Changes and moves


  • The following have been changed in some way
    • All flora for satyrs is based on the trait itself rather than species of flora. You are allowed to have multiple flower with only one use of the flower flora trait. (Pre-website)
    • Satyr patches were tweaked placement-wise at some point before the website move. Also just as a note, placement rarity stacks!
    • Asymmetrical patches on satyrs is a stackable trait and is free on uncommon+ patch rarity (Pre-website)
    • Satyr tails and horns have been tweaked. Will likely be further tweaked in the future.
    • Aspect Mastery traits have been tweaked into their proper 3 branches that better reflect their appearance and lore. Spirit, Being, Cycle. These will likely be further edited.


  • The following traits have been moved
    • Shattered/Floating traits have been appropriately moved to revenants. They were mistakenly given to halvs previously.

Newish Additions

Many of these traits were implied or used in the past without ever having proper official listings, therefore many didn't know if they were available or not. 

  • Existed before the website but weren't properly added until website
    • Satyrs can now have the scale trait. 
    • Supermassive crests are now included in the mythic effects
    • Astrean Traits are still being worked on
    • Grove Traits were added and are more finalized now, but still may change before official release
    • Legendary traits were added to official trait listings with new additions. These have always existed but now we'll be able to use them a couple times a year rather than being corrin-only.
    • Luck, Light, and Lightning are now included on the aspect list
    • Winter, Autumn, and Summer bonus now display as traits

  • Entirely New(?) But are still a WIP!
  • New reference material

Future Trait Plans

These are not currently implemented but are planned.

  • Horns, Tails, and other required base trait options for browbirds will be further condensed and will have their rules shifted fully into being based around size/length/branch count (for horns) rather that leaning on specific named styles outside of a few exceptions. Most of the traits themselves will remain the same overall, just clearer rules. 
  • Body wings for hiros browbirds (head wings, wrist wings, hip wings, ect) will be condensed into 1 addon trait rather than a separate trait listing for each placement. 
  • Reworking of hiros feather tails and tail feathers to fit in line with how tail wings work.
  • Painted satyr mask references and a substantial update to the options available, their rarity, and what they allow.
  • Painted satyr patch placements will be given references and have their rules updated!
  • Painted satyr tail references are on the horizon...
  • Astreans are having their traits reworked to be more in line with how other traits work!
  • Kitbull traits are being added!


Free Event Raffles by Browbird


🦪 Abyss Pearl 🦪

One Winner will recieve the design!

Astrean Browbird designed by Corrin

☀️ Summer Bonus ☀️
Grants +1 Stargold if included in an entry to a main summer prompt!

The winner of the design will have it transferred to their website account after they have been drawn!

Raffle Guidelines

You must do one entry for Part 3 of the current event to enter this raffle.
For non-owners, you are able to complete parts of the event by doing a gift art piece that follows the event prompt.

You must be a fully registered and verified member of the Celestial Seas website to enter and win. Anyone who is not verified and does not include their website username will be removed from the roll.

Please look HERE first for site registration info!
✦ The raffle character cannot be used in any event entries or the wisher's well until they have an owner!
✦ If you win this raffle you will not be eligible for the next raffle.
✦ If you won the previous raffle you are not eligible to enter this one, this is so more users have a chance at winning!
✦ The design will be completely free to the winners. Since they were created for free and will be given away for free, they may not be traded or sold for any reason. You may only gift the design to another user or return it to the group so that it may be raffled again. Only enter if you are certain you want this design, and want to keep it -or- plan to gift it to someone else.
✦ MYO slots obtained from raffles cannot be traded or sold, but can be gifted.
✦ Items won in the raffle can be exchanged like normal items and are not bound to you
✦ If you are rolled but decide you no longer wish to have your prize, you may ask us to reroll or have us surprise someone else with the design.
✦ Winners will be rolled for on the website!

🦪Go here to enter the raffle! 🦪

Raffle End Date:

Sparkle by BrowbirdSeptember 7th at 11:59 PM EDTSparkle by Browbird



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