Raffle: Blitz 'n Blaze

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Sparkle by BrowbirdGeneral Update

General reminder that certain parts of the event may be pushed back by a few days depending on when part 3 is out! We'll post an announcement when the exact date is decided. Thank you for the patience everyone! 

If you submitted a MYO or design update that was on hold for the last week, please go here to check the status of your design if it has been declined. Currently there is an issue in the notification system that may take some time to fix so you may not always be given a notification when a design submission is declined. 

Thank you so much everyone for participating in the event and for enjoying the species!

- Corrin


Free Event Raffles by Browbird


🎆 Blitz 'n Blaze 🎆

One Winner will receive the design!

Painted Satyr designed by hxmllock 

Bone || Fire

Uncommon Bone Mask 
Uncommon Patches 
Uncommon Asymmetrical Patches 
Uncommon Vine Flora 
Uncommon Flower Flora
Rare Single Rune Marking 

☀️ Summer Bonus ☀️
Grants +1 Stargold if included in an entry to a main summer prompt!

The winner of the design will have it transferred to their website
account after they have been drawn!

Raffle Guidelines

You must do one entry for Part 2 of the current event to enter this raffle.
For non-owners, you are able to complete parts of the event by doing a gift art piece that follows the event prompt.

You must be a fully registered and verified member of the Celestial Seas website to enter and win. Anyone who is not verified and does not include their website username will be removed from the roll.

Please look HERE first for site registration info!
✦ The raffle character cannot be used in any event entries or the wisher's well until they have an owner!
✦ If you win this raffle you will not be eligible for the next raffle.
✦ If you won the previous raffle you are not eligible to enter this one, this is so more users have a chance at winning!
✦ The design and MYO slot will be completely free to the winners. Since they were created for free and will be given away for free, they may not be traded or sold for any reason. You may only gift the design to another user or return it to the group so that it may be raffled again. Only enter if you are certain you want this design or slot, and want to keep it -or- plan to gift it to someone else.
✦ If you are rolled but decide you no longer wish to have your prize, you may ask us to reroll or have us surprise someone else with the design.
✦ Winners will be rolled for on the website!

🎆 Go here to enter the raffle! 🎆

Raffle End Date:

Sparkle by BrowbirdAugust 9th at 11:59 PM EDTSparkle by Browbird



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