Fortune of Harara PART 2

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The next part of the event is here! The story continues...

Read Part 1.5

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Part 2 of the event brings three new prompts that you can complete in any order. You must complete part 1 before you are able to submit entries for part 2! 

Soaring  across the city skies upon great Sol Roc in a relay that tests speed, skill, and endurance.
The chance to prove one’s mettle in bloody battles in the massive outdoor coliseum.
Showing off both the beauty and strength of your magical abilities when battling another mage.

Note: You are able to complete all 3 of these options!

Sol Roc Relay Test of Strength Aspect Creations



Sparkle by BrowbirdAn Extra ChallengeSparkle by Browbird

An optional extra challenge for those who want to push themselves. Users who are able to earn 90 or more stargold combined from your part 2 prompt submissions will be considered top participants and will be able to claim a Gilded Egg, which can be hatched into a new baby mount companion, the sol roc chick.

When you meet the requirements please send in a claim.
Write "Sol Roc Challenge" in the URL space and include a link to your part 2 prompt submissions that add up to the 90 total in the comments section.

You can find the links to your submissions HERE when clicking the "details" button on the right side.


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Sparkle by BrowbirdNew Event Point GoalSparkle by Browbird

Everyone worked together and smashed through the event point tiers, so a new bonus was added if an even higher number of points can be reached! If we can get to 3000p there will be 5 Gilded Eggs raffled off to lucky participants so more users will have a chance to hatch their own sol roc chick! 



Sparkle by BrowbirdNew Side QuestSparkle by Browbird

A new side quest has been added! You do not need to complete any previous prompts to do this side quest.


Sparkle by BrowbirdGeneral UpdatesSparkle by Browbird

✦ The shimmering egg shop price has been reduced
✦ Companions and mounts can now have accessories that cover up to 30% of the design for companions, and up to 40% for full grown mounts.
✦ Full grown mount payout when included in an entry has been increased from 2 stargold to 3 stargold.
✦ A new crafting recipe has been added, this new item allows you to instantly grow up a mount. There is a way planned for the future to evolve a mount through certain prompts, but until then this will be the way to do it!


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