Raffle: Dragon's Hoard

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Sparkle by BrowbirdEvent Update

Part 2 of the event is scheduled to release soon, however due to real life circumstance it may be pushed back slightly. Because of this, we may also push back the final deadline during part 2 or the final part. We'll make a post if this ends up happening! Thank you everyone for your patience, and thank you for participating in the event thus far.


Free Event Raffles by Browbird



πŸ’Ž Dragon's Hoard πŸ’Ž

ONE WINNER will recieve the design!
Kitbull designed by Acember


+ Horns
+ Wings
+ Spines (tail tip)
+ claws

+ dragons tongue [scaling]
+ crystalized soul [crystal replacement]
+ unicorn spire [elemental body] (metal)


One winner will receive a Celestial Ticket!
Celestial tickets can be exchanged for a Prize MYO slot of your choice.
The prize MYO lets you make one Browbird, kitbull, or painted satyr!

The winner of the ticket will have it granted to their website account!
You can exchange a Celestial Ticket here!

Raffle Guidelines

You must completeΒ part 1Β of the current event to enter this raffle.
For non-owners, you are able to complete this by doing a gift art piece that follows the event prompt.

You must be a fully registered and verified member of theΒ Celestial Seas websiteΒ to enter and win. Anyone who is not verified and does not include their website username will be removed from the roll.

Please lookΒ HEREΒ first for site registration info!
✦ The raffle character cannot be used in any event entries or the wisher's well until they have an owner!
✦ If you win this raffle you will not be eligable for the next raffle.
✦ If you won the previous raffle you are not eligable to enter this one, this is so more users have a chance at winning!
✦ The design and MYO slot will be completely free to the winners. Since they were created for free and will be given away for free, they may not be traded or sold for any reason. You may only gift the design to another user or return it to the group so that it may be raffled again. Only enter if you are certain you want this design or slot, and want to keep it -or- plan to gift it to someone else.
✦ If you are rolled but decide you no longer wish to have your prize, you may ask us to reroll or have us surprise someone else with the design.
✦ Winners will be rolled for on the website!

πŸ’Ž Go here to enter the raffle! πŸ’ŽΒ 

Raffle End Date:

Sparkle by BrowbirdJuly 19th at 11:59 PM EDTSparkle by Browbird



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