Summer Event + Advent

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The gates of Harara are open to all in preparation for the upcoming competitions being held within the city. The Pharaoh has broadcast an invitation to even the most distant star systems requesting that those gifted in magic, combat, and riding to face off against other skilled individuals. He has made mentions of a grand prize, an artifact that holds a mysterious power which will be unveiled at the opening ceremony to be held in a few days! Before that though, why not take some time to explore the capital city and see its many sights-- or perhaps the time would be better spent training for what's to come...

Explore a brand new location, try the food, join a faction, and meet new characters in this year's new expansion of the ongoing storyline!
Each part of the event will bring a new chapter to the story.

Event Features:
Event Prompts
Side Quests
Special Crafting
Summer Event Merchant
Tons of New Items

Event Hub


Free Event Raffles by Browbird

raffle games FINAL by AgentCorrina


🎲 Place Your Bets 🎲

ONE WINNER will recieve the design!
Kitbull designed by Pep


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Odd Eyes

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Elder Apple || Glass Body
Dragon's tongue || Dragon Wings

🎲 Go here to enter the raffle! 🎲

Raffle Guidelines

✦ Be a fully registered and verified member of the Celestial Seas website to enter and win.
If you are planning to register, please look HERE first!

✦ Raffle characters cannot be drawn for gift art until they have an owner!

✦ If you win this raffle you will not be eligable for the next raffle.

✦ If you won the previous raffle you are not eligable to enter this one, this is so more users have a chance at winning!

✦ The design will be completely free to the winners. Since they were created for free and will be given away for free, they may not be traded or sold for any reason. You may only gift the design to another user or return it to the group so that it may be raffled again. Only enter if you are certain you want this design or slot, and want to keep it -or- plan to gift it to someone else.
✦ If you are rolled but decide you no longer wish to have your prize, you may ask us to reroll or have us surprise someone else with the design.

✦ Winners will be rolled for on the website!

 Raffle End Date --> June 28th at 11:59 PM EDT


Event Design Schedule by Browbird

Summer designs are planned with 4 flatsale sets, 8 advent auctions, and 19 participating artists!
Be sure to check them out!

Sparkle by BrowbirdDA Post with dates!Sparkle by Browbird

Summer Advent by AgentCorrina

Keep an eye out for something mysterious...

Sparkle by Browbird

The event Closes on...

Sparkle by BrowbirdAugust 31st AT 11:59PM EDTSparkle by Browbird

You can start the event at any time until the end date!



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