🌸 Welcome to Spring!

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It's Spring!

🌸 The season brings with it a couple new prompts along with new items to collect! 🌸

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Complete mini event prompts to earn seasonal rewards!

🌸 Spring has Sprung! - Weekly open ended seasonal prompt
🌸 Little Friends, Big Adventures - Companion prompt!

Note: The companion prompt "Little Friends, Big Adventures" will be updated at the end of the launch duration! From that point forward the rewards will change and it will only be possible to complete with your OWN companion.


Sparkle by BrowbirdNew Items!

★ Free Gifts CLAIM ★

Be sure to claim x1 FREE Spring Basket before April 23rd at 11:59PM EDT!

Free Gifts


The following items are now added to the game and will appear in various boxes and events:

Bunny Milkshake - Adds SUPER LONG EARS rare trait to a browbird or painted satyr
Starcandy - Upgrades a companion to a rare/offbase variant
Sky Egg - Hatches into a common NIM pet, finally released after so long!
Cloud Egg - Hatches into a...?

Sparkle by BrowbirdOther Updates


✦ GOING FORWARD in order for any trade containing ARPG ITEMS, ARPG CURRENCY, OR A COMPANION to be approved you must have a verified account of at least a week old AND have at least 1 approved prompt on your account. Funneling and other rulebreaking trades have been cropping up more often so we hope this will curb these somewhat!

✦ COMPANION CREATION and editing guidelines are being updated on companion eggs and editing items to allow for more freedom and some clearer editing rules. The full companion guide is still a work in progress but you can expect it at a later date.

✦ LOOT TABLES with % chances have been added to several item descriptions.

✦ Several traits are being condensed or in the process of being condensed. Thanks for the patience while we continue working on updating traits!

✦ Efforts are also being made to make prompts more lenient! If you notice what's accepted being shifted around a little this is why, as we are hammering out the specific changes to make.

✦ A new event is on the horizon...

The Cat’s Out Of The Bag: Crypto Market Collapses In Wake Of Kitcoin Boom

One day, it was booming. The next, everything crashed overnight. No one saw it coming.

No one, it seems, except for Chance himself, who withdrew 40 million stargold to an offshore account in Harara days before.

The dropout-turned-crypto king has managed to orchestrate a rugpull of previously unheard scale. Through the use of his revolutionary “UFT” Ponzi scheme, Chance was not only profiting off the work of exploited creators, but also allegedly laundering money on a truly staggering scale.

The Kitcoin entrepreneur was apprehended as he attempted to flee New Centuary last night and will be dealt with by the relevant authorities, who will attempt to prosecute for his laundry list of financial crimes.

Honestly, it’s a wonder that anyone fell for this thinly veiled scam in the first place.

Happy April Fools everyone!

Soon after the news broadcast, you sense something odd about this garbage. But it's a magic you cannot access yet... You will know when it is time.

Sparkle by BrowbirdSparkle by BrowbirdSparkle by Browbird

Huge thanks to Sol for prompt and item writing!
All art/assets/planning by Corrin



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