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Hello all, I return and I've brought a whole bunch of updates with me today. Please note that many of these are freshly added in and there is a chance you may run into issues. If you encounter what you think may be a bug please report it to us! As time goes on we will also update the pages associated with this update to have more informative text based off any user questions we receive. Now... On to the updates!


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To celebrate the new year we are giving out a free gift to all registered members! You can claim one here. Be sure to get yours before January 3rd at 11:59 PM EST (server time), after which it will no longer be available to claim. You can see what it contains and how to open it by checking the item info.

Tons Of Gifts! by Browbird


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You are now able to post trade listing advertisements to the website! You can find the trading post here

These trade listings are only advertisements for characters or items, and all transactions must still be discussed privately and handled through the onsite trade system. You cannot purchase items or characters directly from the listing. Listings expire after 7 days or until canceled. You may have up to 3 listings at once. 


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MYO Slot Improvements

The MYO slot items purchased from Specialty Supply and the Celestial Ticket Exchange can now be automatically turned into a slot from your inventory and no longer require a submission to make them into a useable slot. To turn your MYO slot item into a MYO slot you can simply select it in your inventory, check the box, and then use the item! You can view your MYO slots here.  

Coupon Improvements

The 50% Off Coupon no longer requires a submission or moderator approval. You can now choose to use it right when you're purchasing an item from the shop. 

Wisher's Well Reset

The Wisher's Well reset is now automatic each week.

Item Info

You can now view an item's information from your inventory page. Click the item and then click "Item info" to open a drop down containing the information.

Items on the item list will now display all the ways the are/were obtainable. We are still working to update some of the info as much of it was outdated! There was an issue causing this not to display properly.

Price Changes

The New Story item has had it's price reduced from 30✨ to 20✨.

Character Profiles

  • Character profiles now display symbols indicating if they are open to gift art and writing.
  • Character profiles now display a symbol indicating if they are open or closed for offers
Various Bug Fixes and Display Errors

★ The following have been fixed:

  • Logs on several pages are now displaying correctly
  • The character inventory bug has now been fixed. The inventories of character's holding items is now viewable as intended
  • The MYO slot name should no longer carry over when the character is created
  • The completed trades page should now display properly.
  • Some bugs that were affecting the mod side of things
  • Other minor things and tweaks in various places

Privacy Policy Update

We have updated our privacy policy due to a new functionality we have implimented. Going forward, we will be able to see the public IP address of all people who access the website. 

★ The reason:  This is so that we can prevent multi accounting, which is against our terms of service and can be harmful to the game. We will only investigate accounts that share the same public IP and will inquire with the user(s) further before taking any action.

If you no longer feel comfortable using the website following this update please contact staff and we can close your account at your request. 

We appreciate everyone's understanding of this change!

Thank you for reading everyone. We hope you enjoy all the new updates and changes to the site! A HUGE THANKS to Newt for helping us immensely to get all of these updates live and working! 

Thank you everyone for sitting tight while we got everything ready! There is much more to come this year. >:)

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