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Sparkle by BrowbirdWelcome to the new Celestial Seas Website!Sparkle by Browbird


★  How to register

✦ Go here to register!
✦ You will need an email address and a valid Deviantart account. 
✦ Check your email for the validation email, it may show up in your spam folder. Clicking the link in this email validates your account!
✦ You must then link your DA account before you can use most site features. You will be prompted to when using most site features, but you can also do so from your account settings.


★  How do I get my characters?

✦ Once your DA account is linked to your website account, your characters will be granted to you automatically.
✦  If a character of yours isn't showing up in your character list, it is likely due to a username change that was never updated on the DA masterlist. Please send in a claim to let us know to transfer a character to you. You can refer to the masterlist for all characters! (Website list numbers will match DA masterlist numbers, so you can easily search your designs!)


★  How do I transfer my inventory and progress?

✦ Submit a claim and follow the instructions outlined on that page!
✦ All of your items, currency, and quest completions transfer over!
✦ If you have at least 1 badge from the DA ARPG you will also be given a Thank You Gift when first transferring your inventory as thanks for participating in our past events!


★  I need help with something!

✦ Please look here for general help! Read before submitting any questions.
✦ If you have other questions, please ask in our dedicated website channel in the Celestial Seas discord!


When you've linked your DA account, you can head over and claim your 1 free welcome gift!


Sparkle by BrowbirdWebsite Launch RaffleSparkle by Browbird

We're holding a a special raffle to celebrate the public opening of the website!
We are giving away 3 Celestial Tickets!


✦ You must be a member of the Celestial Seas DA group AND the Celestial Seas website to enter!
✦ You must have a validated and linked account to be eligable to win!
✦ One entry per person.
✦ One person cannot win twice!
✦ The winners will each be given 1 Celestial Ticket which can be exchanged for 1 Prize MYO slot item of your choice. Since these tickets are given out for free and intended to be used by the winner, the items, slots, and designs made from them cannot be traded or sold. They may only be given to another user as a gift or returned to the group to be raffled again.
✦ If you are rolled but decide you no longer wish to have your prize, you may contact us via group note or on discord to have us transfer the Celestial Ticket to another user.
✦ If you won the previous raffle, you are not eligible to win in this raffle!
✦ Winners will be rolled through the website and will have their reward grated to them after!

Go here to enter!

Raffle closes on June 4th at 11:59 PM EST



New Additions!

  • Shattered past quests + new trait items
  • Crafting quests + new crafting items
  • Basic crafting system! 
  • Galstrod's Goods - Celestial Shard shop!
  • Special Gifts - Free gift claim!
  • A bunch of new items, some releasing soon!
  • Something mysterious...


List of changes since the website move over

  • Many trait rarities have been changed or condensed, we're still working out certain parts so it may be adjusted again! All traits are still here, just recategorized. Some rarities may be changed as we continue to update, as certain designs have not had their traits updated in years. Please go off the examples shown/descriptions of traits rather than the masterlist at this time as it may not be 100% accurate yet!
  • Appearance change tickets are now required to make certain design changes. However you only require one to make all of the changes covered under the ticket when submitting, rather than one per change when submitting. These changes also have no limit now aside from color adjusting. 
  • Reincarnation now works on any design regardless of when it was made, but still can only be reincarnated one time.
  • Lucky Coin now works differently
  • Pocket Bloodseeker works differently
  • Fortune Lightglass has been buffed significantly
  • Completing a quest now ALWAYS grants 1 Celestial Shard each time!
  • Quest completion is now tracked in the description of each character


Planned for future updates

  • Website FAQ
  • Reformatting some pages
  • Adding old info and updating it for the website
  • Basic leveling system
  • More added to crafting
  • Special perks granted by completing lots of quests or using items
  • Grove Quests for painted satyr
  • Aspect quests
  • Crest Quests
  • Companion quests and more companion stuff in general
  • Exploration quests
  • Reversal item that lets you 100% revert a design (from reincarnation, browlet grow ups, quest progress, ect)
  • Tons of other cool items!
  • Bringing back monthly scheduled gift art MYO raffles

Sparkle by BrowbirdSparkle by BrowbirdSparkle by Browbird



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