Salon Update!

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Hey everyone! We're coming to you today with a new update that was a long time coming. The Salon guidelines, examples, and items have all been reworked to hopefully allow more freedom in edits and more clarity on what each item does. New items with effects that have been asked about and suggested in the past have also been added for more specialized editing! Design edit submissions have now been open again and all new submissions will be held to the new guidelines. 

You can see the new updated Salon here!

Shop Update

We've made several items now available for purchase. Please keep in mind prices are not set and may be adjusted in the future for balancing purposes.

The following items have been added to Galstrod's Goods:


The follow items have been added to Specialty Supply:


Other updates

Website colors have been adjusted somewhat, updates the website's appearance are still ongoing!
The "home" button on the navigation bar has been moved to the right side
The sidebar options have been adjusted to cut off less on the pages of users with longer names

Due to real life circumstances the fall and winter events will likely be delayed and currently we have no ETA on when they will be released. However, we do still want to put something together if we're able to. Thank you for the support everyone! 

In the meantime... We'll be holding a community contest to decide a new set of community characters sometime very soon! 

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