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Welcome to the new Celestial Seas website!

We're officially moving our DA ARPG over to this website! With new items and features coming soon, and a whole bunch of stuff to look forward to this year. This post will go over a few things you can expect on the horizon, and other important info. We hope you'll enjoy your stay here, and if you have any feedback please let us know so we can make the site even better!

Please keep in mind: we are still moving everything over to the website, and there are some things that need to be updated for the new website format! Our FAQ and certain guides are not on the website yet but will be added soon. Please be patient while we finish uploading and updating everything. If you notice any errors in information or typos please let us know in our website questions discord channel and provide a link to the page.


★ Moving Your Inventory

You can move over your inventory, badges, and currency from your tracker by going HERE!
Moving your inventory means you can no longer use your DA inventory. However, we will be discontinuing them anyway when the site publicly launches.


★ Welcome Gift!

All users who join the website at any time can claim a free Welcome Gift one time from Special Gifts.
We will also give out free gifts occasionally for events so keep an eye out!


★ Gold Members

For users playing during the testing phase, that means you'll automatically be given the gold member rank which gives you a special golden username color! This doesn't do anything, but it's a different color to the standard member names, and it allows you to appear near the top of the user list!

The gold rank is permanent, so you'll have it forever.

Members with the gold rank were given it for a limited time patreon offer, OR if they massively helped out the site during it's development.

Gold members will be given a Golden Gift as thanks for the support. This is a limited time gift!


★ Thank You Gift 

Users who have already earned ANY badges from Celestial Seas while it was solely on Deviantart (meaning it is on your DA tracker from before the website's creation) can claim a Thank You Gift to show our appreciation for your participation in our ARPG events in the past. You must do so when submitting your inventory claim.


★ Need help using the site?

Look here for help with any issues you may be encountering!

We also have a help channel in our discord dedicated to the website if you have questions and need a quick answer. You can also note us.


★ Upcoming Events

Summer is on the horizon... Tons of new items, characters, raffles, and story content is on the way!


★ Upcoming Quests

We have two repeatable quests that will be launched soon that bring brand new items and character development oppourtunities to the game.


★ Celestial Shards

Celestial shards can now be used as currency to buy extremely hard to obtain items at Galstrod's Goods

Currently the stock is very light, and prices may be adjusted in the future. We plan to add highly requested items (like the hiros transformation item), all event exclusive items that can't be bought/obtained normally (like the anniversary traits), and more!

Keep in mind, you will need a LOT of shards and these items are intended to be very difficult to get and their prices are likely to go up. More ways to get shards are being added as time goes on, and all non-exclusive items will eventually be obtainable through permanent quests (The hiros item included!). This shop just allows you to get them a little early if you save up enough.


★ Brand New Feature

Two new features will be added in soon!

These will add permanent bonuses to a character that allow them tiny buffs when used in certain prompts. These already existed in the form of the summer, winter, and autumn bonus but we plan to add in ways to apply these to characters the same way you would apply a trait. 

We will be adding in a simple crafting system. Crafting is not built in crafting will be done manually when first released.


★ [IMPORTANT] MYO slot first time discount

  • We want to continue having our MYO slot first time purchase discount in the shop. However, due to the move to the site we will have to reset that purchase amount for everyone, and each person can now still buy a MYO slot of each species for half off. While it may seem unfair that a very small number of users can buy a second slot at half the stargold price, we felt keeping this offer open to the majority of users was more important.


★ [IMPORTANT] Quest Changes

  • Celestial Shards -- From now on, the first time anyone completes a quest prompt for a character, they will be given a Celestial Shard! 
  • Completing quests with a character -- Characters will now have their quest completions noted in their descriptions on the website. When trading, the character keeps their completions. This will mean that they cannot do the quest again once traded.
  • Quest Perks -- In the future, completing quests will grant certain perks that grant more stargold, chances at special items, and more!


★ [IMPORTANT] Design Salon Changes

  • Appearance Change: Changes such as changing colors, swapping traits, or changing to a different trait now cost x1 Appearance Change to make and must be done through the website. When using this item, you can make as many changes that it allows at one time to a single character.
  • A new item will be added soon that allows you to completely revert a character to their original state, remove all their traits, and remove all their quest progress. This will reverse any reincarnations, browlet grow-ups, items, and more so you may have a completely fresh slate design.


★ [IMPORTANT] Item Changes


So... What does all this mean for the group on Deviantart?

This website is bringing a lot of changes, so we want to go over what'll be different going forward. We hope everyone will be understanding of why we made these changes, and we want to do everything we can to make it as easy jump as possible. Here is how everything will work from now on, and if you have any questions for us you can ask in our discord!

★ Masterlist

  • The masterlist will now be maintained on this website AND Deviantart. This means that users are NOT required to make an account if they wish to own or transfer a character. 
  • To own a character on this website you will have to have a LINKED ACCOUNT once, linked you will automatically be granted your characters.
  • If you transfer a character on this website, please also comment on their masterlist entry on DA so that everything can stay up to date. This is extremely important!

★ Trackers

  • All player inventories can be transferred over. Please go to claims to find out how!
  • Trackers will no longer be usable on DA very soon! But that's okay, the site is much more streamlined when it comes to purchasing items and trading items with other users.

★ Events 

  • Any new events and quests are now solely hosted on this website, you will have to be a registered member with a linked account to participate.
  • Event updates will still be posted to the group so users can know when a new event is live!
  • We will still be maintaining event folders for those who publicly post their event entries to DA and wish to submit them to  be in the group.
  • Submitting entries publicly is now optional and all that is required is a link to your entry. This means you can post it on any website! It's recommended that you use a reliable places and do not delete your images. We still hope you'll consider submitting entries to the DA group publicly so other members can see what you create!

★ Quests

  • All previous quests ("Engraving Memories" and "And We Got Older") will be moved over to the website and their corresponding Deviantart journals will be closed and will no longer accept entries on DA. You will be a registered member to complete quests.
  • All new quests will be hosted solely on the website, but we will provide updates to the DA group when a new quest is available.
  • We will still be maintaining the quest folder for those who publicly post their event entries to DA and want to add them to the group
  • Submitting entries publicly is now optional and all that is required is a link to your entry. This means you can post it on any website! It's recommended that you use a reliable places and do not delete your images. We still hope you'll consider submitting entries to the DA group publicly so other members can see what you create!


★ Wisher's Well

  • The Wisher's Well on DA will no longer accept entries and the activity will be moved over to the website
  • Instead of waiting 7 days between your entries, the Wisher's Well now operates off of a weekly reset allowing for more efficiency and ease of use.
  • All other rules and payouts remain the same for the Wisher's Well.


★ Stelle Inn

  • The Stelle Inn on DA will no longer accept entries and the activity will be moved over to the website
  • The way the activity is handled is being reworked and will be unavailable for a little while. We plan to add much more to it!


★ Shopping District

  • The DA shop will be permanently closed and you will no longer be able to buy items from it.
  • The shop is now hosted solely on the website, and all purchases are automated with no wait times to have your purchased approved. 
  • The shops are now divided up into four sections
    - Market Street is where you go for all permanently available traits, clothing, kitbull items, and trinkets purchased with stargold.
    - Galstrod's Goods is the new venue for Celestial Shard purchases. Here you can find the rarest items in the game, but the shopkeeper asks a hefty price.
    - Event Merchant will offer seasonal and event items when available.
    - Specialty Supplies is the place for specialty items like MYO slots and items to make changes to a design.


★ "The Grand Marketplace" item exchange

  • Previously, users could exchange items or currency with another user by commenting and waiting for moderator approval. We will be shutting down that journal permanently moving forward.
  • Treads and item transfers are handled automatically by the website, so you won't have to wait for approvals on item trades. You can transfer an item one way via selecting it in your inventory, or you can create a two way trade request.


★ Item Advertisements

  • We will be keeping the item advertisement post open! So if you want to advertise your items, find items you're seeking, or organize item trades, you can do so here


★ Discord Rewards

  • Any discord rewards you earn after creating your account can be obtained by submitting a claim with an image link to your approved discord reward. They can only be redeemed this way going forward.


The staff behind Celestial Seas are still learning the works as well so we'll be posting updates whenever we make large changes to anything, or change how a feature works. Please ask us questions if you have them!

Thank you for checking out the website, and for all the positivity and support!

PRISM kitbull MYO by Browbird



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