Winter Event 2022

Created: 24 January 2022, 14:05:01 EST
Last updated: 1 February 2022, 10:13:56 EST

event ends on March 8th at 11:59 pm est

After which all event prompts, sidequests, and other activities will be closed for the year.

The event shop and event-only crafting will remain open an additional week after the event ends so you will have plenty of time to finalize crafting and purchase any items you want.
They will close on  March 8th (Server time).

Join the discord for updates, event discussion, and to hang out with the community!

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The conclusion for the Heart Of The Moon 2021 Winter Event has been released!

We thank the community for their patience! The conclusion and previous storyline chapters can be found below.

View the story leading up to the conclusion here:




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For this event, the winter gift art prompt will be returning.

Now's your chance to earn some tokens!


✦ Winter Gift ✦


Draw winter-themed gift art to earn a Token Piece and random gift box! This sidequest can be completed once per week during the event.

Winter Gift Art


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 Raffles will be rolled after the event concludes! 

Please remember that raffle designs are created for free to be given away for free.
They cannot be traded or sold if you win, they can only be gifted to another user or returned to staff to be raffled again if you decide you no longer want them!


✦ You must have a registered site account to enter!
Enter Here

Raffled characters cannot be used in prompts until they have an owner!
If you won the previous Corrin-made design you cannot enter for this one.


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 Please be sure to read over everything on this post before joining!

 Only Celestial Seas characters can be used for this exchange

 If you do not own a Celestial Seas character you can submit a friend's character instead to get a gift for them, however you must have permission to submit someone else's character for the exchange.

 Community characters cannot be submitted

✦ If you request couple art for your gift please also include a secondary option of just a single character for those who are not able to create couple art/writing. 

 If you are unable to finish your gift, please let us know at least 1 week before the deadline or you will be barred from future gift exchanges.



 Your gift must show at least 75% of the assigned character and be in full color.

 Users can also optionally opt for written gifts. Written entries must be at least 800 words.

 All entries and requests must follow the submission rules in the community guidelines. 

 We ask that you put in a reasonable amount of effort into your gift! It is not fair to your recipient if you decide to rush your entry. 

 Gifts can optionally be submitted to the Wisher's Well for stargold after the reveal date. 

 Please do not publicly share your gift to DA or discord until the exchange date so it is a surprise

App submissions are open from January 25th

Assignments are given on January 28th, they will be messaged to you on discord

Exchange takes place on March 8th (server time) that evening.


When the reveal date comes please COMMENT on the Celestial Seas profile of the person you drew a gift for with an image or link to the gift. 

If you do not get a gift on the specified day or if the minimum submission requirements were not met please contact staff! 

Be sure to keep your entry and who you are drawing for a secret until the reveal!


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All participants who complete their entry can optionally enter for this raffle. On the reveal day please respond to the specified moderator comment on this page with your finished entry in order to join the raffle.

Raffle will be rolled after the exchange date!

1 Winner will receive the following items:
Common Bippin Companion (designed by Newt)
+1 Uncommon Trait Potion


Managed by Sleepy and Newt


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Some event only recipes are returning to crafting!


If you don't yet have crafting unlocked you can unlock it by first completing all 3 crafting quests
Crafting quests will still be available after the event, but some crafting recipes exclusive to the event may be leaving shortly after the event concludes.

Crafting Quests   Crafting Station


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The event merchant is now stocking winter items! All items have returned from last year.

Trait items, enchanted apparel, trinkets, and more are available. Be sure to pick up any items you want before they leave for the year!

Certain crafting materials will be available for a one time purchase during the event due to the high demand for them accross all current recipes.
More materials can be earned through other means such as the gift boxes!


Event Merchant

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Event Credits:
Event Planning/Organization -  Sleepy, Newt, Toy, acember
Scenario + Writing  -  Ares, Corrin
Item Art, Banners, NPC Design - Corrin
Event Management - Sleepy, Newt and Toy, acember


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Please respond to this comment to enter for the exchange raffle!

2022-03-09 03:15:26 (Edited 2022-03-09 13:26:15)

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Closed for entry!

2022-03-09 15:23:44 (Edited 2022-03-09 15:23:47)

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