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Hello! Welcome to the suggestions page!

Here you can offer us suggestions on what you'd like to see added next or changes to existing features.
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★ Please keep in mind the following when writing your suggestion:

The website is still a work in progress. There are many areas that are unfinished and being actively revised and worked on. We are a small team that are learning as we go and still very new to having a website and a community of this size. We are aware that many pages are incomplete and are actively working on them!

Make sure your post is constructive. If you don't like a rule/mechanic/idea/ect explain why and offer solutions

Consider how others might feel, while you may dislike something why may others not want it changed?

Suggestions should be fairly small in scope. We cannot program full minigames/video games, nor could we entirely overhaul the site's visuals and mechanics.

Avoid suggestions that ask to increase payouts, make rare items easier to obtain, or to give away more free design's/MYO slots/gifts. Exceptions to this are balance concerns IE: one art style being vastly easier to earn currency with or sugestions of rewards you really want to see.

Avoid suggestions of entire new plots/storylines in detail (Feel free to tell us what you'd like to see theme-wise, locations, mentioned storylines, or NPCs you want to see more of though!). We often have plans for NPCs and their stories and will directly ask when wanting input on story direction!

We do not mind suggestions for contests, but we do want to be careful with them and avoid asking for a lot of "free work" from members such as banner or item design contests. I hope this is understandable!

★ Suggestion Policy:

While we appreciate all feedback we are not guaranteed to implement any suggestions offered

If we make use of a suggestion offered by you we are not required to credit you when it is implemented. 

We will remove any posts that are harmful towards other users/staff or could be interpreted as targeted at specific people. If you have concerns about a user or staff member please contact an admin privately.

By posting here that means you are okay with staff or other users responding to your comment, please be respectful when discussing with others and try to see both sides of a presented issue.

Staff is not guaranteed to respond to your suggestion, however we do read all of them and take every perspective into account.

Everyone is different and prefers different things! We cannot please everyone, but will do our best to make improvements when we can.

★ Disclaimer:

There are certain things we will not be adding. While we understand this may be disappointing we unfortunately will not be changing this! We may add more to this list at any time.
MYO contest -- We hosted one in 2016 and will not be holding another contest of this type or scale!
• Free MYO event -- IE: where MYOs are able to be freely claimed by everyone in a short timespan, this would cause a heavy strain on staff.

Click for To Do List
All things we're currently working on, planning to add in the future, or would like to add. This list is presented in no particular order. You are free to offer suggestions or ask questions relating to things on this list!

No ETA on when these features/changes will arrive! Most are in their concept phases as they were put on hold for the website move and website adjustments.

We may scrap any of these ideas at any time!

★ Future Prompt activities
Returning Feature: Stelle Inn -- Reworking. Will allow users to submit roleplay summaries once a month to earn a set amount of currency.
New Permanent Quest: Galstrod's Goods (1 prompt) -- Will be the new way to unlock the shard shop, will reward a good amount of shards when completed.
New Permanent Questline: Companion Quests (3 prompts) -- Do a questline with your companion. Completing it will allow you to unlock a second companion slot for prompts upon first completion. 
New Permanent Questline: Aspect Quests (2 prompts) -- Questline that explores each aspect, can be done once for each aspect a character has. 
New Permanent Story Quest: Hiros (3 prompts) -- Questline for hiros lore. Story is being written slowly! Will reward the hylos relic. We're working on making sure this is balanced so the item does not lose its value.
Special Challenge Event (??? prompts) -- A challenge in a set time period that will allow non-owners to get a MYO slot if completed.
★ Features
Gathering -- Will allow you to gather a few crafting materials. 
Battles -- Allows everyone to work together to bring down an opponent.
Character comments -- Allows designs to have a comments section
Onsite SG Calculating -- Calculating will always be manual due to the nature of every piece being different. However we want to eventually have an easy onsite way to calculate it. (perhaps by simply checking boxes during a submission)
Way to easily apply apparel and trinkets to your submissions

★ Traits and Species
Condense traits further for easier navigation, clean up existing traits
Add fleshed out info to all trait descriptions
Finalize trait references for all species, currently focused on painted satyrs
Scarabim will eventually be added. Would like to do this when painted satyrs and kitbulls are around 90% done.
★ Items
Get all item descriptions up to date, there's a few with old info
New item: Rare Companion Upgrade -- Turns a companion rare which allows you to draw offbase art and/or add any special features to it. 
• Custom Companion -- Allows you to submit any type of creature to be an official companion added to the game.
New items: Type traits -- Adds type traits to a character that already has the type. (such as adding a new ancient trait to an ancient).
New items: Type change -- An item for each type. These will likely be added when the traits have visuals and will be difficult to obtain.
New item: Species Form -- An item that lets your character have an alt form of a different species, both can be used canonly.
New item: Add Crest/Add Material -- Adds a second crest or a second material to a common or uncommon browbird crest/satyr mask.
New item: Add Crest 2/Add Material 2 -- Adds a third crest/third material to a browbird or painted satyr.
New item: Modify Crest/Modify Mask -- Very tentative. Will need to be considered carefully. We still want crests and masks to be a meaningful choice.
Weapon items -- Enchanted weapons. Will likely add in when we have a way for them to be used
★ Info
Update outdated info + Revise the formatting so old info reads better.
Lore entries for known locations, NPCs, deities, canon holidays, summaries of past events, and more!
• Starter Guide to help newcomers 
★ Bugs/Issues


Lo-vestruck Avatar

This may not be possible with crafting becoming automated, but:
A small, optional quest, that has the user draw their character either crafting or using the item they have created. Allows the user to gain a small amount of currency OR a small chance to receive either a duplicate of the crafted item, or one of the materials used to craft it. Bonuses would not apply to the drawing, similar to how the weekly gift art is a capped payout.

2021-02-05 23:23:09

apocopus Avatar

a very smol suggestion, but maybe if a design isn't flat coloured if there could be a small little colour swatch bit? something like >
I'm not sure if it would look good or if it could go in image notes maybe? sometimes painted/shaded designs can be difficult to accurately pick colours for wishers well or other gift arts 0:

2021-01-23 18:46:31

Arsonlst Avatar

• New Permanent Story Quest: Hiros (3 prompts) -- Questline for hiros lore. Story is being written slowly! Will reward the hylos relic. We're working on making sure this is balanced so the item does not lose its value.

Maybe to balance this quest you could either have prerequisites for it, like maybe the character you use to finish this prompt have to have the other story prompts completed as well? So in order to qualify, they would need-
And We Grew Older
Shattered Past
And Engraving Memories completed on the character they want to do this quest with to make it a little harder to complete, alternatively you could put a time limit on how many times you can do this quest so the influx of relics isn't as big! Just some ideas I wanted to spitball on balancing it c:

2021-01-22 21:16:57 (Edited 2021-01-22 21:18:04)

Lo-vestruck Avatar

I'd like to suggest that the mod team is a bunch of beans :))

2021-01-22 20:00:51

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