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Created: 10 June 2023, 04:48:49 EDT
Last updated: 10 June 2023, 04:48:49 EDT

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What is a browlet?

Browlets are BABY BROWBIRDS that can be grown up for free. All you have to do is draw the adult design following the guidelines. You're able to buy extra traits for them and edit them more heavily than normal design edits allow.

They are most often obtained from sales for a lower price!

Check here to see all browlets:

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Species Design guide

You can find more information on browbirds and creating designs here:

Browbirds Design Guidelines 
❗ BROWLET designs cannot count for stargold in most prompts and cannot be used as a focus character unless the prompt allows for it. You'll have to have an approved adult design before using them in prompts!


sparkle.pngGetting your design approved

❗ Design review and approval can take around 7-14 days PER DESIGN. Review period will often take longer than 14 days during ARPG events, real life holidays, and weekends. If you're using a subtype item, WIP trait, or any trait without a fleshed out description/reference images you also may be subject to longer approval times upwards of 30+ days. We appreciate patience when submitting a design for review!

Why do reviews sometimes take a while? Usually one of these reasons:
- We are not yet available to review it
- There are multiple other designs/submissions in queue before yours (these may also be taking a long time for any reason on this list)
- It requires more specific, in depth feedback from Corrin
- You are using a WIP item, trait, or subtype

★ Submitting a design

To submit an adult design, go to your characters and select the browlet you want to grow up. Click "UPDATE DESIGN" on the bottom left of the sidebar.

You can also submit a WIP design if you would like us to do a full review of the design to let you know what would/wouldn't pass and then send it back to you! Please state in the comments of your request "WIP DESIGN please send back after review!"

❗ Be sure your design is a browlet, it should have the BROWLET subtype.

My Characters

★ Fill out the request

Fill out all information on the design creation request submission. Information on what each section is for is on the respective pages.
❗ REMEMBER to attach all trait items you wish to use at the time of submission and fill out the corresponding traits. Do not add any traits that are not included with the browlet / not applicable with the attached items.

If you are unsure of any traits or details feel free to ask questions in the comments section! We may adjust the list of applied traits if we feel a different one of the same rarity is closer to what is depicted in the artwork.

Your items will not be used up until the design is approved!
Once your request is submitted you CANNOT EDIT IT AGAIN unless it is sent back to you for edits. If you need us to send it back please let us know via discord!

★ Then...

Once you have submitted all that's left to do is wait for a staff response!

❗ If you made a mistake in your submission you can request it be cancelled via discord at any time so that you may make corrections.
❗ If your MYO design is sent back to you for edits we will try to give a detailed response of what changes need to be made. You will keep your place in queue when resubmitting!


sparkle.pngBROWLET Trait Prices

❗ FOR BROWLETS ONLY you are able to purchase discounted traits to apply when growing up the design. Think of it like a semi-MYO!


Traits can be purchased for USD at any time for a browlet. If you would like to purchase traits for your browlet Corrin on discord with a link to the design.
❗ TRAITS CANNOT BE PURCHASED with USD after the adult design is made official unless you revert again!

❗ YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY to add trait items to your browlet. Everything earned in the ARPG can be applied for free.

❗ PURCHASING A TRAIT adds to the max allowed resale!
+1 Common Trait FREE
+1 Uncommon Trait $10
+1 Rare Trait $30
MAX 2 purchased per design this way. Any included with the ORIGINAL browlet design do not count!
+ Hiros/Half-hiros subtype $75
+ Common Aspect FREE
+ Uncommon Aspect FREE
+ Rare Aspect $10
ANYTHING NOT LISTED is not available to purchase for browlets!
All trait purchases are non refundable and are lost if not used when submitting the design. Only purchase a trait if you're sure you'll use it!


sparkle.pnggrowing up & edits

❗ This section only applies to BROWLETS being GROWN UP. After the adult design is approved the new design follows all normal editing guidelines.
Browlets essentially come with a free "dye kit", you are able to do any or all of the following:
• add up to 30% of a new color to the main body
• shift any main body color by up to 30% TOTAL across light/dark/saturation/hue
• change the hair, eyes, horns, crest, nails, hands, tail tip, feet, additional trait markings, and 50% of the face to ANY color
• Markings can be changed to similar marking types (ie ring stripes being changed to tiger stripes, spots being changed to squares)
• Some markings can be removed but the design must keep a few defining marks, even if adjusted
• Markings can be moved around/adjusted
• New markings can be added as long as all above guidelines are followed

Just as a note the % adjustments work differently based on program!

• You are also able to stack the dye kit item ontop of this to further push the colors by an additional 30% AND add 30% of a new color/new markings.
• You may add as many common traits as you'd like
• You may swap any traits currently on the design for traits for different traits of the same rarity

If the design was reverted:
• You don't have to rebuy traits on the design, you're able to work with the rarities they have! Just note if the 2 rare traits were already bought you can't buy extras. You can swap these around to any other rare trait.
• Any traits applied with items can be removed or applied as the same exact trait. Coverage/sizing/placement can be changed within what the trait allows.
• You are allowed to CHOOSE THE CREST again and can swap rarities around
• If the design comes with the hiros type you can swap to half-hiros and vise versa. The hiros type is optional to use when growing up again!
• The aspects are reverted to the browlet's original aspect, so you can fill the empty 1-2 slots again or swap to different aspects of the same rarity.
Using a youth scroll you are able to change an adult design back into a browlet and start the process over, effectively granting a special semi-myo that allows heavy edits and trait purchases which cannot  be done with any other type of design!

• When reverting a browlet ALL QUEST PROGRESS is reset. A clean slate!