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Created: 26 June 2021, 04:11:46 EDT
Last updated: 14 April 2023, 14:58:56 EDT

event ends on January 20th at 11:59 pm est

After which certain event prompts and other activities will be closed for the year.

The duration of this event lasts 20 days and is held in celebration of the anniversary of the creation of and website launch for Celestial Seas species! There will be unique prompts and new items for users to complete and purchase during this time, as well as additional raffles, design sale, and other smaller updates.

Be sure to join the discord for updates, event discussion, and to hang out with the community!


Many much awaited updates are rolling out today alongside the anniversary mini event!

New Shop Additions

The following items are now permanently in stock at Galstrod's Goods and can be purchased with Celestial Shards! 


The following items are now temporarily being stocked at Market Street for the duration of the event. They can be purchased with Stargold and you are able to use coupons when buying them.


The 50% off coupon has been added as a permanent recipe to crafting!
🌟 50% Off Coupon

Winter Mini-Event

For the winter season,  we will be hosting a mini-event that includes winter crafting, the winter shop,  gift art prompts, and a raffle, as well as the 2021 Winter Event Conclusion.
We would like to thank the community for their patience as we return to the flow of activity and events in the coming 2022 year.


2 by Browbird


Prompts can be drawn, written, animation, or comics.
All 3 prompts will be available for the entire duration of the event.
The Celestial Scrapbook Quest is now a permanent quest that will be available even after the event ends!

Draw This Again Gift Art Celestial Scrapbook 

✦ Non-owners can enter!
If you do not have a browbird, kitbull, or painted satyr character, you can instead complete the prompts as gift art using the characters of others. You can find those open to gift art here!
✦ Event Items
Items that grant specific traits will be available in the event shop for the duration of this event! 
Additionally, returning items will be  available for a  short time as well.
✦ Anniversary Badge
Completing any of the prompt entries for this event will grant you the event-exclusive badge to show that you participated.

Sparkle by Browbird160-image.pngSparkle by Browbird

7 by Browbird

✦ Free Anniversary Gift ✦


As a thank you to our players, all users can claim 1 Anniversary Gift during the event. Open the item in your inventory for +3✨ , +1 💎, and  x1 Coupon Scrap!

Only one can be claimed per person.

Claim Gift
4 by Browbird

You can enter for all applicable raffles, but can only win one prize total. Raffles will be rolled after the event concludes. The raffles will be rolled in the order listed below, if you win you will be excluded from the next roll.

1. Cakebull Kitbull Design
2.  6 Free-for-all Celestial Tickets
3. 6 NON-Owner Celestial Tickets

Entering for any of the raffle grants you x1 Coupon Scrap and x1 Celestial Shard 💎!
(This will be manually added by staff when reviewing your raffle entry claim.)

Additionally there will be separate discord raffles to obtain one of each type change item. 

Please remember that raffle designs and slots are created for free to be given away for free. They cannot be traded or sold if you win, they can only be gifted to another user or returned to staff to be raffled again if you decide you no longer want them! Designs made from raffled MYO slots cannot be traded or sold, but can be gifted.


You must post an advertisement for this event on either Twitter or Deviantart to and link back to us enter for any of the raffles.
Please submit ONE CLAIM titled 'Anniversary Raffle' with the following form:
(You may enter multiple raffles in one claim.)

★ Entering for: (Cakebull Kitbull, FFA MYO Ticket, and/or FTO MYO Ticket)
★ Link to your advertisement for a ticket to enter:

✦ You may only enter once total per Raffle and can win either the Kitbull design -OR- MYO slots (not both).
✦ You must have a registered site account to enter!
Enter Here

Raffled characters cannot be used in prompts until they have an owner!
If you won the previous Corrin-made design you cannot enter for this one.

1. Cakebull Kitbull Raffle

Ticket List

2. Free-For-All MYO Raffle

There are 6 Free-For-All Celestial Tickets up for grabs in our second raffle!
A Celestial ticket can be exchanged for one PRIZE MYO slot of a species of your choice. An MYO slot allows you to design a character of your own! 

Ticket List

3. NON-Owner MYO Raffle


There are 6 NON-Owner Celestial Tickets up for grabs in our second raffle!
A Celestial ticket can be exchanged for one PRIZE MYO slot of a species of your choice. An MYO slot allows you to design a character of your own! 

If you won the previous MYO raffles, you cannot enter for these!

Ticket List

Sparkle by Browbird

Event Credits:
Event Planning/Organization - Corrin, Toy,  Sleepy
Item Art, Banners - Corrin, Sleepy
Event Management - Sleepy, Toy
Special Thanks - To all of the staff for your hard work over the last year, and to all of our players for helping make Celestial Seas what it is today!
Thank you so much for making this place special.