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Candle Town was always a rather interesting place to be. A quiet small town that was rather close knit, where everyone knew everyone for the most part. It was always rather lowkey, simple, and peaceful… That was except for when the fall season rolled around and brought in the people coming to celebrate in their traditions with them. Hard not to want to come to see what’s going on when the people of Candle Town always put on such a grand show and festival for visitors.


Treats, homemade goods, events and games galore that entertained celestial sea goers of all ages and kinds. Every year more people seemed to show up meaning that the extravagant festivals got larger by proxy. All the strangers in the town were respectful for the most part, though there were some bad apples that were not appreciated by the locals… Locals that included Vivian herself. She wasn’t the kind of local to keep too close of an eye on the visitors nor be too cautious of them, though there were some she directed a wary eye towards. That was only when they were being blatantly disrespectful and or obnoxious.


To be fair, there were locals who did behave like that, or at least there was one she was aware of. The guy that followed around the candle maker’s daughter was the first one that came to mind. She chalked the behavior up to being young and impulsive… Though she did find anyone who behaved in such a way to just be an outright idiot that was being more of a nuisance than they were worth indulging. 


There was something wrong at this current moment however. An uncomfortable and heavy feeling that seemed to be piercing through her body. It was distinct enough that she knew exactly what that feeling was bearing down on her. The feeling of being watched. But by who, by what? A slow and careful look around yielded no answer to her question and caused her eyes to narrow. The feeling had been there for a while now, but as the crowds filtering through the town moved she found no consistent for familiar faces watching her or remaining while she stood on her porch observing. 


So… Where was it coming from then? What was it coming from? She wasn’t quite sure or how she could even go about telling at this point. Vivian had no idea which direction it was coming from and of course like stated earlier she had not been able to locate the source either. A heavy sigh left her at that though followed by her shaking her head. Vivian would shuffle and move to sit on a chair that was located on her porch. The feeling remained buy she was trying to pay it no mind. 


She was not too sure about what to do at this point. The feelings she were having could only really be described as uncomfortable and not malicious but that was merely an assumption of her own safety than actual confirmation. For all she knew these eyes resting upon here WERE malicious and harbored ill intent and she would be none the wiser. Vivian groaned, leaning forward and rubbing her face a couple of times while trying to settle her thoughts and concerns. Maybe she could go over to Theia’s house and bunker down from this ominous stared at feeling… Or if Rue was in town she could go and bother him.


That thought made her pause, then frown and shake her head again. No, Rue would not be in town, not during Candleblight. He and his family had all sort of issues stemming from their legacy with the legendary Rhismet. There was a temptation to feel bad for him, and even though he was not privy to her thoughts she refrained, knowing that the browbird would take her feelings as pity… Nothing worse for that man than being pitied.


So… Perhaps Theia was the safe choice to bunker down and away from something watching her. Vivian sighed, getting up from her chair and walking into her house. Even after shutting the door and being completely out of sight she still felt the staring feel lingering on her fur which made her feel a bit gross… But she pushed it down and began to move around collecting her things. Shrugging a cloak over her shoulders, backing a small bag with a spare outfit and some other important ‘I wont be home for a wee bit’ goodies. 


Then she grabbed an old oil lantern, lit it and moved back out to her porch. She shut and locked the door behind her, feeling an even heavier weight of the gaze upon her. She directed a slow and wary eye over the open area again, doing this for an extended period of time before determining she could not place the source once more. 


Vivian tucked the cloak closer to her body and set off, weaving into the town’s path and continue to walk around with her gaze carefully swaying from left to right to hopefully locate the source of the prying eyes upon her. Predictably she had no luck with this, but it did put her at ease that by gazing around she felt as if nothing and no one could sneak up upon her without her notice. Hell, she even made sure to be drifting her gaze to her own shadow just to be sure no pesky roach was going to be reaching through and catching her off guard from it. 


Eventually she would make it to Theia’s home where she rasped her knuckles on the fine wooden door. There was a long moment of silence, and there was a brief worry within Vivian that perhaps Theia wasn’t home and in fact out at the festival selling some of her own goods… But no, eventually the door creaked open and Theia peaked her head out to greet her.


“Oh, Vivian. Good evening, I was not expecting to see you tonight. What can I do for you?” 


Theia always did have such a soft and lovely voice. It felt like a warm melted honey… Vivian would shake the thoughts away though, offering the moth-esk browbird a friendly smile and politely dipping her head.


“Good evening to you as well miss Theia. I’m terribly sorry to intrude upon your personal time, I pray I did not disturb you terribly. I was just seeking the comfort of your company, you see. I’ve been plagued with a rather nasty feeling, a lurking feeling if you will. I feel as if someone- or something is gazing upon me with an desperate feverishness. While I do not believe I am in danger I would feel much safer in the presence of another familiar face.”


Theia’s expression grew into a smile as Vivian spoke, and before she would reply to the painted satyr she would give an amused giggle that she covered her mouth with a dainty hand to conceal. There was not much dead air between Vivian speaking and Theia’s reply though.


“Oh heavens, you feel it too do you? I think it’s someone’s nasty perception trick with an equally nasty astral kick. I saw some cheeky looking visitors fussing with each of the lamps upon the street sides. They’re lucky the mayor hadn’t seen them, I imagine he would have chased them out with a stampede of hooves… But! You are more than welcome to join me, I was getting quite lonely hehe.” 


Theia’s explanation was quite a relief, even though it was just a working theory on what was happening. Vivian would smile and join the browbird inside while giggling to herself. She would move to take a seat in a wicker chair with a pillow to cushion her rear. Vivian drew her legs up on to the chair in a side ways sweep while she put out her lantern and set it upon the floor beside her.


“Oh, Theia dear, I know I am not terribly far from my own home, but would you mind if I spent the night with you in your home for my own peace of mind?”


“Why of course you can! Did you want the couch this time or sha’ll I pull out the sleeping mat?”


“The couch is fine my dear.”


“As you wish. Are you in need of anything? I was just about to put the kettle on the stove if you would like some tea?”


“That does sound lovely, what tea do you have?”


Theia paused for a moment, pursing her lips while she thought to herself before answering with; “I was going to make a honey cinnamon tea, would that be alright?”


Vivian would only reply with a nod, before motioning her hand in a circular motion and beginning to ask her for a bit more detail on her theory about the feeling of being watched. “Theia, you said you think its… a prank, right?”




“The watching feeling.”


“Oh!” Theia gasped before smiling. “Silly me, I apologize. Yeah before the festival opened in full there was a couple of kids in dark cloaks fussing with the lanterns in town. At first I wasn’t sure what they were doing until there was their burst of color from one of the lights, this sudden heavy presence upon me, and the children giggling like tiny mad fiends.” The browbird paused her thoughts before shaking her head with a sigh. “Boy I tell you, I gave them a holler when I realized and they scampered off. But that feeling has not gone away since. I was thinking it probably wont stop until the lights are put out but you know how much of a pain they are to put out. Stars and if I tell the mayor I just know he’s going to want to find and scold them.”


All the while she was explaining this she was steaming the pot on the stove, pouring it into two cups once it was done, and bagging the cups with fine tea bags. Of course Vivian’s cup was delivered to her while she was getting this explanation as well. To the satyr, Theia’s further explanation finally settled her mind on it, and she would sigh herself while shaking her head.


“Ohhh Theia, I know you had the best intentions but those little rascals did something rather distressing don’t you know? The mayor may have a bit of a stern hand but discipline does typically breed better behavior, y’know? A spell- prank or not, of this caliber could potentially distress a poor troubled soul more than intended, hm?” Vivian replied, dipping her tea bag a couple of times more into her cup before she took a sip.


“Oh I do suppose you’re right… I guess I wanted to save his wife the trouble of scolding him in turn.”


That alone got a big laugh out of Vivian who in turn, covered her mouth much like Theia had done earlier.


“Oh goodness me haha! Your consideration knows no bounds miss Theia! I’m sure your sister would appreciate you have a bit more thought for your own well being than that of children who are not of our town!”


“I know I know!” Is all Theia said in reply while waving Vivian dismissively, though it was clear by the smile on her face that she was not truly bothered. She would however segway slightly while gesturing to the windows. “I find the feeling is reduced with the less light that comes in from the lanterns outside. So just get some rest Vivian, if you need me just call, I’ll be back in my work room finishing the project on my loom.”


Vivian nodded her head, directing most of her attention to her tea and a verbal acknowledgement. “Aye, yes ma’am!”


As the browbird walked away, Vivian would look into the dark amber pool of tea in her cup for a moment. She stared at her reflection before sighing softly and turning to glance at the window that’s curtain was dully lit by the lights outside. She was more comfortable now, even though the dull feeling of being watched still lingered over her. At least she was no longer uneasy about the feeling and she could rest now.

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[BROWTOBER] Something Watching
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