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Already adressed this on the discord, but wanted to add this here to the suggestions as well!

Since you guys obviously don't have the time to make a full blown event for each season, it would be great if seasonal shops would be open for a limited amount of time anyway! (Limited as in for about the same timeframe that an event would be open?) Maybe very story- or eventspecific items could be removed for these occasions if that would be an issue. I think this would be great for people who'd like a certain item but weren't around when the respective event was around (especially consumables are getting scarce since I imagine a lot of them have been used up by now). Maybe this could be tied in with very easy-going small prompts that are not much effort for you guys to write up and that give a little amount of SG? Just to add a bit of flavor~

- temporarily open seasonal shops / sell seasonal items even if there is no seasonal event running at that time
- optionally one or two flavor prompts (small prompts that are easy to write up and don't require (huge) artwork)

2021-09-10 06:52:09