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31 October 2023, 09:17:04 EDT

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ANOMALY: Spider Cloak

PAINTED SATYR - REQUIRES: Flora Cloak + Nightmare Aspect

Among the satyr, there are whispered stories of a forest that boarders on the abyss that can only be reached through your deepest nightmares. Those that return from this place will claim to not remember anything, but you can tell they are different now. You feel itchy when looking into their many, many eyes, and  now each night, just as you close your eyes, you feel something with far too many legs crawl across your arm...

✦ Flora cloak takes on a spider web-like shape instead of its usual style. Can be partially made of spider web and combined with a different flora cloak style, OR entirely spider web. Follows normal flora cloak placement and sizing otherwise.
✦ Optional: one additional set of webbing can naturally form on the horns.
✦ Optional: Up to 8 small spiders can be added to the design, primarily on the web area (see above design for sizing). These are real, living spiders that have a symbiotic bond with the satyr!
✦ Optional: The satyr is also able to spin webbing of their own from their fingertips!