MYO-Kitbull-104: Auri the Dragwi

Owned by Potat-Dragon
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Uploaded: 4 months ago
Last Edited: 4 months ago
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2 March 2021, 16:45:34 EST

Can be gifted
Can be traded
Can be sold
Sale Value

★ Allows the owner to create one kitbull.

Check HERE for further MYO information. 
You can submit your finished design by using the submission option on the left side of this page.
Unused MYO slots cannot be sold or traded, but they can be gifted. Please make your design official before trading or reselling.
Your MYO design will be uploaded to the DA masterlist and added to the main website masterlist once the design has been approved.

This slot was obtained from: Patreon Sale
Final design can be gifted
Final design can be traded
Final design can be resold for up to $165

★ Available Traits ★

Standard Type
Any standard traits
+5 Mutations
+3  Peculiars