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Prince-Pretty Avatar

Hi! This design and their energy seem really fun and I'd like to write a gift prompt for them! Do you have any preferences or ideas for their personality that you'd like me to include, if that's alright?

2023-01-28 11:06:31

Sweetspea Avatar

Aaaa oh my gosh you're so darn sweet, oh I'd just be so darn flattered if anyone did anything of this silly lad!!

Ooh gosh I love the personality of this lad! He's got the temper of a firecracker, he gets easily frustrated and tends to resort to destroying things and yelling when things don't work out! He's not destructive, just a little temperamental and definitely a bit short and to the point! He's usually only nice to his crew (specifically his favorite crewmember Obi) and he's very protective of them! Everyone else he usually regards as an annoyance!

He's the captain of a ship sailing across the leylines to the vast unknown of the universes! He stole the ship from his father so he's always watching over his shoulder whenever they land (usually crash land) somewhere! Feel free to do whatever you want with all of that, and aaaa I'd love to see/read anything you might come up with <3 please just have as much fun as you can!

2023-01-28 12:06:34 (Edited 2023-01-28 12:08:00)

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